With Q MY CALL and Q MY CALL VOICE DISASTER RECOVERY regardless of your size of business or organisation you can queue from one caller to a hundred callers when you main number is not working due to your telephone lines being down, system crashes or you have had a power outage – it also works when phones lines are engaged

Q MY CALL works independently of your existing telephone lines, numbers and equipment

Q MY CALL is ideal for businesses who want to queue customer calls when disaster strikes or at busy times.

Examples include GP surgeries that need to queue patient calls or offer alternative information when called such as opening hours as well as contact centres that want to manage a larger number of calls across different locations – this is ideal for call centre environments as well especially when a disaster strikes

  • Callers are queued in the order they called and once a line or employee becomes available the caller is sent straight through to be answered
  • Offer a menu to the caller so the call can be sent from the queue to a different destination or played an information message
  • If a caller leaves the queue before being answered Q MY CALL will immediately send you an e mail with the caller’s number so you can call them back straight away
  • Customise your Welcome and Hold music and set up a comfort message at timed intervals to let the caller know their call is important
  • Record all calls made and retrieve the recordings or have the recordings e mailed
  • User breakout – Add a specific digit to the Call Queue Group to let a caller break out of the queue to leave a voicemail message
  • Full call information available in real time and call reports based on the calls received available enabling a greater insight to your call patterns at all times

No need for expensive telephone system upgrades as Q MY CALL can offer many of the features and functionality of a telephone system

It allows you to efficiently deal with calling peaks without losing valued customers

Increase your profitability and efficiency with Q MY CALL

No more engaged tones, frustrated customers or lost orders

Stay connected to your customers on the telephone

Q MY CALL will increase your customer orders and reservations – guaranteed

Q MY CALL is the takeaway and restaurant line service with call queue

No more engaged tones, frustrated customers or lost orders!

Use existing lines and numbers or we can also provide you with new virtual numbers for specific marketing campaigns


We queue your customer calls when busy …

  • Queue your customers in the order they called you when busy – with Q MY CALL you will not get any more engaged tones, frustrated customers or lost orders
  • Play a message, music or position in the queue whilst your customer is holding. Customers can leave a message for a call back and if a customer hangs up we will immediately e mail you with the customers number so you can call them back straight away
  • Receive more orders and save money on your existing calls and lines with Telephone Number Solutions

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