Any of the following features can be added to any number and they are listed in a logical way as to how you might want your telephone numbers to be managed when called (being mindful you add any feature or mix and match the features on any number regardless of location).

If you print out the pages of the features available you can almost use them as a tick box approach to the services you would like to incorporate with your numbers.

Regardless of your solution or choice of numbers the one key feature we provide as standard and is included on all numbers and that is Call Reporting – this gives you statistical insight into the way in which you manage your calls as the information provided is very powerful when acted upon.

Call Reporting

Call Reporting is available on any number and the report works as easily for a call from China or Miami as it can a call from a UK number such as a Manchester or an 03 number and this is what it can offer you:

Call Reporting Data

Call Reporting Data can be used intuitively to track the effectiveness of all calls to your UK or International numbers as well as providing the statistical information you require on site – this includes information on the calling parties CLI number, the number of calls received, time to answer, time of call, call outcome if your lines are engaged, call outcome if calls are not answered and we also report on the callers that hang up whilst waiting to be answered.

Also calls outside of your working day are also reported – both before and after the working hours again regardless of the location or number.

We can also analyse and report on your call profiles weekly or monthly in a one page management overview with key metrics and included are recommendations for improving your call answering (this forms part of the consultancy work we do).

Options available - the start of the incoming call

Ringing Options

You can select how and where calls are answered and you can allocate calls to ring from anywhere you advertise your number such as UK, International City or International Country ‘Toll Free’ number.

You can choose any combination such as deliver the call to just one number, call numbers in list order, share the calls evenly or have multiple numbers to ring at the same time.

Time of Day

Plan where you want your calls to ring at any time of the day and for any day of the week. Calls can route to different numbers and destinations or at a certain time calls can go to voicemail – we then send you a WAV file or recording of any message left to your e mail.

Date Exceptions

Plan in advance where you want your calls to ring on bank holidays, Easter and Christmas for example.

Call Recording Incoming Calls

You can have all or some of your incoming calls recorded and the recordings can then be stored on line or sent to an e mail address (or FTP site) for you to access whenever you want.

Call Recording Outgoing Calls

You can have your outgoing calls recorded (regardless of your telephone system type)and the recordings can then be stored on line or sent to an e mail address (or FTP site) for you to access whenever you want.

Call Whisper

We can whisper the name you require or message you want the person answering the call to hear on any incoming call so they are prepared for the call type (useful if you advertise multiple numbers) – the whisper might say ‘call from Spain or call for product xyz’ and we even have businesses that ‘whisper’ or remind sales team members of any up lift, promotions or cross sells to be advised on the incoming call (you can update the whisper at anytime with a detail or brief message) – the Customer continues to hear ringing whilst the whisper is played.

Auto Attendant

You can have some or all incoming calls greeted by a message and given a choice of options for different departments or different products such as press 1 for sales, 2 for service – calls can be directed to any number on site or off site depending on the selection chosen.

We have Customers who use certain options to answer frequently asked questions such as press 1 for sales, press 2 for support, press 3 for opening times, press 4 for directions to our store / office etc.

You can have different levels or layers to take the caller through your business until the right department or person is chosen.

Voicemail on Busy, No Answer or After Hours

All incoming calls can receive a voicemail and leave a message at anytime you decide – this includes when you are busy, do no answer or it is after hours or weekends.

Whenever a voicemail is left we will e mail you the recording of the message.

Fax to e-mail

We can convert any number into a fax number and all incoming faxes will be delivered as a pdf file and sent to your nominated e mail address.

Live Call Reporting

Live call data can be used intuitively to track the effectiveness of your UK or International numbers as well as providing up to the minute statistical information you require on site – this includes information on the calling parties CLI (number).

Call Control

Easily manage and select where you call is to be answered however you change where your number is pointed too (including multiple locations) via our online portal – any changes are immediate so you can change your call routing at any time.

Our portal also allows you to pre-plan where you want your calls to go using time of day, day of the week and date exceptions (such as bank holidays) so you ensure you never miss a call (even if you do we will send you a text or e mail to let you know who called you).

Never Miss a Call

Automatic reroute to any number ensures your business never misses a call – such as if your deliver to number was engaged or unavailable.

Business Continuity

Calls are routed easily and seamlessly should disaster occur on-site to any number which you can pre-set or change as and when necessary so your calls can always be answered and managed.

Pre Connection Greeting

Any incoming call can have a standard or personalised pre connection greeting played to the caller before the call is answered – this might be to thank the person for calling or to have a standard business salutation before the call connects to a person – you can upload changes via our APP from your mobile.

Call Queue

This is ideal if you get high volumes of calls at certain times of the week or season and all calls can be queued if no lines are available or if all agents or employees are busy on other calls.

Incoming callers will hear announcements and messages (standard or personslised) when in the queue – you can also play their queue position and determine how many calls you want to queue at any one time.

If agents are free calls can go straight through without the queue – this is an ideal feature that can save you money and rentals by not having to add additional lines or services to your telephone system (you will never have an engaged tone again with this service) – we can queue as many calls as you require so if you have 4 lines or 30 lines you adjust the queue accordingly.

In addition with Call Queue we provide live wall board statistics, queuing information and visibility of live calls in conversation is available.