Telephone Number Solutions are pleased to provide the following case studies and we will happily provide further information and Customer details as required

In business it’s all about your numbers …


Cost Savings on Telecoms contracts including voice, data connections and mobiles

A leading UK based specialist recruitment agency with a head office and four regional offices engaged Telephone Number Solutions to assess the company’s existing telecoms infrastructure along with all voice, data and mobile contracts (including analysis of the latest three month’s Telecoms invoices) and this included five different suppliers of their various telecoms services

The result was savings worth many thousands of pounds per annum on all voice, data and mobile services using the company’s existing providers by agreeing new contracts (many of the contracts had rolled manually each year with no renegotiating or price reductions taking place) – the overall percentage saving for the Customer was an incredible 31%

Telephone Number Solutions thorough understanding of the telecoms marketplace ensured that all over charges were rebated and a detailed report including both commercial and technical recommendations was presented back to the Customer and the team members managing their services

The Company has now engaged Telephone Number Solutions to support an evaluation process for a hosted voice (VoIP) solution which will include free calls to landlines and mobiles (now available) across all locations along with a tender for the renewal of 55 x mobiles currently used within the business

Savings on Lines and Calls ‘Customer case study’

A national business association with a head office in London and eight regional offices throughout the UK engaged with Telephone Number Solutions to review and advise on all of their telecom contracts – the upshot is the business now benefit from a number of overall savings which includes free calls between all of their locations and their many home workers

In addition to the savings on calls and lines Telephone Number Solutions made the transferring of calls between all locations much easier and more straight forward by simply by adding a numbering plan to their existing telephone systems – this in turn resulted in additional ‘seamless’ referrals to the insurance partner of the association as members calls were transferred externally as if in the same location and as part of the business

Telephone Number Solutions saved the Company 19% on all call charges and as part of the resign with their supplier we reduced the cost of calls to mobiles by 23%

The company agreed to a new 24 x months contract with their existing supplier for calls and lines (which were also reduced) at very competitive rates including the free calls between all offices and employees

01 and 02 UK virtual numbers ‘Customer case study’

A number of businesses virtualized their BT land line numbers when the business centre they were working in closed for redevelopment into apartments earlier this year

A number of businesses had their local BT (DDI) business centre allocated number for many and feared losing their numbers as the business centre closed and the BT lines were cancelled.

Telephone Number Solutions advised on a solution so that over 30 SME’s (small and medium businesses) virtualized their BT numbers and then forwarded them to either new offices, home offices or their mobiles.

Many of the businesses then used a variety of telephone number features available to enhance their business telephone number such as Auto Attendant (IVR) and calling party whisper – with our solution they were able to emulate the telephone system that they were using at the business centre.

Using the new rented platform the businesses can continue to use the services and more importantly their numbers today, tomorrow and in the years ahead regardless of location of their new office or business centre (including overseas).

08 Virtual Numbers 'Customer Case Study'

An Insurance and travel business manage and answer calls for different brands and for various Clients and all calls arrive at their call centre using either 0843 or 0800 numbers. The existing system meant that local ISDN lines returned an engaged tone at busy times

Rather than increasing the capacity of the telephone system and number of lines Telephone Number Solutions advised the Customer on using network features available on their 08 numbers including call queues and call overflows along with inbound and outbound call recording and the on line real time agent statistics for this 30 seat Company – this has proven to work really well and the 08 network features now ‘complement’ the local IP in house telephone system.

The Customer call volumes have increased and no caller ever gets engaged – calls are queued with bespoke comfort messages for each brand



International Toll Free numbers ‘Customer case study’

Telephone Number Solutions is working with an international on line retail business advising and setting up International toll free numbers in a number of countries where the Customer has a virtual ‘web’ presence.

Upon looking at the www (following in country advertising and Customer brand awareness) all incoming calls route to two locations depending on the country where the call originated from.

All calls from UK and European countries are answered in the UK at a contact centre in London and all calls from the rest of the world are answered at a contact centre in Spain.

A number of network telephone features are being used to deliver the overall solution including time of day routing, IVR announcements and call queues.