Non-geographic 0844 UK revenue sharing numbers

0844 numbers are virtual UK non-geographic numbers that earn your business a share of revenue from calls that you receive. A similar extension we provide is the 0843 UK non-geographic numbers. You can read more about 0843 numbers here.

How does a virtual 0844 number work?

Why use virtual numbers?

Incoming calls can be routed to any line you choose, including UK landlines, UK mobiles, voicemail boxes, international landlines and even international mobiles.

But you can still use the landline, or mobile, the non-geographic UK number is routed to because the 0844 number we provide your business with sit on top of your existing line and will not interfere with it.

Not only that, all of our 0844 virtual landline numbers are controlled by you via our online portal. This allows you to change the number that the call is routed to whenever you need to and any change is immediate. We can also alert you to where the call has originated ahead of it being answered

This is because all our UK 0844 numbers have real-time statistics available so you can see from whom and where calls are being made.

And when combined with our Time of Day feature, you can truly set up and manage a national ‘follow the sun’ service.


The benefits of using 0844 numbers

  • Companies that own one of our 0844 numbers can hide their location so that they can attract customers from other areas in the UK.
  • And because an 0844 number is non-geographic, it allows your company to project a professional image, no matter what size your business is or where you are based.
  • Owning an 0844 number can reduce the cost of relocating premises because it can be taken with you. This means there is no need to reprint your marketing material.

Need additional information about 0844 numbers?

Why not get in touch with our experts and find out how we can help your business with a non-geographic number.

Promote a new non geographic number throughout the UK

Easily enhance your business presence and extend your brand awareness

Inexpensive to enter new national markets without the need of a physical office – rapid deployment

Make your business accessible 24 x 7 x 365 days a year

Get a new UK, International City or Toll Free number in over 100 countries and in over 3000 cities

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Call Recording Incoming Calls

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