Get a virtual phone number in South Africa

A local Cape Town telephone number is good for business when you want to establish a virtual office in South Africa.

Why? Because a virtual phone number in South Africa allows a business to connect with its African customers no matter where in the world it is based.

When you buy a virtual phone number in South Africa with Telephone Number Solutions, you choose where you want the calls to that international landline number routed to. It could be your UK office landline, a UK mobile number or even an international landline or mobile number.

Why use virtual numbers?

It doesn’t matter where the call is routed to, it’s still a national or even local-rate call for your customers in South Africa.


Why you need a South Africa telephone number

The majority of our customers request virtual international phone numbers for South Africa to establish a local presence in a country with a population of more than 54 million people.

The UK might be one of South Africa’s principal international trading partners, but South African customers prefer to do business with a local company. That is why our local and toll-free South Africa phone numbers create an instant sense of trust and strengthen business relationships.

Telephone Number Solutions can set up a virtual Cape Town telephone number that sends calls made to it back to any existing landline or mobile number, allowing you to open a virtual office in South Africa.

In-country local city virtual landline numbers are usually used to cut the cost of domestic and international phone calls, show local presence of your company in different cities and countries, unite all overseas offices and attract more customers from local markets.

They also allow businesses to test market a customer base in South Africa, particularly if that test will be more successful if a local number is provided.


How a virtual South Africa phone number works

Telephone Number Solutions can provide your business with a local South African phone number that can give you an instant presence in many of the cities and towns across South Africa including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Bloemfontein.

These numbers are ideal for multilingual/global call centres as well as businesses that want to operate in numerous countries but can’t afford the cost of setting up and running multiple/international offices.

A virtual South Africa phone number allows incoming calls to be delivered in any location you choose. But you are not committed to nominating one number from which to receive the calls from customers in South Africa. All of our in-country local city numbers are controlled via our online portal. This allows you to change the number the call is sent to immediately.

This means the number can be switched from your UK office to a mobile when your staff go home for the day.

Our service is very simple to use and requires no additional equipment. All we do is set up a Cape Town phone number, for example, which overlays directly onto your existing phone line.

Our service doesn’t interrupt your existing line and your callers will not know that the call is being diverted to another country. They will think they are calling a local office in South Africa.

What’s more, all our virtual landline numbers have real-time statistics available so you can see from whom and where calls are being made.

Contact Telephone Number Solutions today to gain an immediate virtual presence in South Africa.

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