icon1International Toll Free Country Numbers

Our global freephone virtual landline numbers can give your business an immediate international presence in more than 100+ countries

icon2In-Country Local City Virtual Numbers
Our international virtual numbers can make it appear that your business has a local presence in more than 3000 cities all over the world.
icon3UK city 01 & 02 Virtual Numbers
Our geographic 01 and 02 virtual landline numbers give your business a local presence in any UK town or city without the need to open a new office.
icon4UK Non-Geographic virtual 08 numbers
Whether you need a freephone, Lo-Call or revenue sharing 08 number, our non-geographic UK numbers allow you to attract customers from all over the UK by giving your business a national presence.
icon5UK Non-Geographic virtual 03 numbers
Our 03 numbers allow businesses to have a single national point of contact. Not only that, calls to 03 numbers cost no more than a national rate call to an 01 or 02 number.
icon5Wholesale Calls & Lines savings to be made
We are able to provide businesses with wholesale calls and lines meaning we can provide you savings on both existing or new telephone services when compared to BT Retail.
icon7Inbound and Outbound Call Recording
Improve your levels of customer service and satisfaction. We allow you to record inbound and outgoing calls without the need for any specialist equipment or technical know-how.
icon8Conference Calling and Virtual Business Meetings
Our service allows businesses to not only host a teleconference with up to 95 participants, but also use a single PIN to control access to the virtual business meeting.
icon9Consultancy, Auditing and Advice
There is a telephone number solution to suit every business. We use our knowledge and expertise to offer a full audit of your requirements and advise on solutions.


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