How can Q My Call help ?


The majority of take away orders or restaurant reservations are still made by the telephone and even when a customer uses an app to place an order they and the delivery company still have to call you to change the order, query the order or check on the delivery time

In fact apps have increased the number of calls being made!

At busy times in a week your phone lines will be busy and customers will get the engaged tone. This means frustrated customers and lost orders (and even if you have more than one advertised number customers tend only to remember or use your main first advertised number)

With Q MY CALL you can automatically queue your customer calls in the order they are received and this means no more frustrated customers and no more lost orders and if a customer hangs up we will immediately e mail you with the customers number so you can call them back straight away

We can queue up to 100 customers at a time …

We can also send you a weekly or monthly report on the calls you have queued along with the telephone or mobile number of the customer

If you have more than one restaurant then we can produce a report and send it to you with the performance of your restaurants including time to answer, average time on a call to take the order and how many customers hung up – a powerful management tool and with this information it gives you the ability to market directly to your customers

Ringing Options

Time of Day

Date Exceptions

Call Recording Incoming Calls

Call Recording Outgoing Calls

Fax to e-mail

Live Call Reporting

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Never Miss a Call

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